Welcome to Bethea’s Website. Carola Meerkerk is a singer/songwriter and speaker as well as Bible teacher. She has written many songs in a variety of genres over the last ten years of music ministry and has been nominated for “Jazz/Blues Song of the Year” both in 2011 and in 2013. In 2011 it was for her song “I Will Take Care of You” and in 2013 it was for “Nothing is Wasted”. These were nominations for a Covenant Award by the Canadian Gospel Music Association. Check out www.gmacanada.ca

Carola began this journey with a trio called Bethea (Beth-ay-ah) which means “maidservant for God”. As time went on the other members of the trio were unable to continue and Carola continued as a solo artist. She has been on the Speakers Circuit and special music for the “Christian Women’s Connection” in the Lower Mainland and the Island, done a number of women’s outreach brunches and lunches, women’s retreats, workshops, as well as some children’s events.

Carola has 3 albums out. Her first CD is called “In His Hands” launched in April 2011. The second full length album is called “The Beat of My Heart” and a seasonal album (Christmas and Easter) called “The Indescribable Gift” were launched in December 2013.

They are available on CD Baby and iTunes. We have not yet made the last two CD’s available on this website (some reconstruction is needed) so please order via email carola@bethea.ca … the Christmas CD is only $10 (5 songs) and is a great gift for Christmas and “the Beat of My Heart” is a full length album for $15 (shipping, delivery add $2).Many thanks to those who came out to the concerts. Your support is very much appreciated.

Please look up Soundcloud Carola Bethea to listen to a few of the new songs! :) http://soundcloud.com/carola-bethea

Music Nights are happening regularly at Carola’s home! Come join her as she shares some of the old songs and some of the new ones. If you are interested in hosting a Concert in your home or another venue, please see our booking information under “Events”.

Below are 30 Second samples of the “In His Hands” CD tracks (click name to listen)

Track 1 – Trust In Him Alone
Track 2 – Come Meet Jesus
Track 3 – In Your Will
Track 4 – Psalm 139
Track 5 – Strength of Your Name
Track 6 – Safe and Sound
Track 7 – Lay Your Burdens Down
Track 8 – Stand Firm
Track 9 – I Will Take Care of You
Track 10 – My Heart Cries Out
Track 11 – Worship The Living God