Patience and Trust

Why does training in patience and trust seem to be a recurring theme in my life? I thought I had left lots of time in between the actual recording of the CD and the concerts. Yet, I had one after another graphic artist turn me down, lack of time or they were too expensive. Each new request took at least a week and a whole month was whittled away! I was praying a lot about it, trying not to worry, reminding myself “It’s in His Hands” and one day as I was looking at my photographer’s quote for the photo shoot I realized it said “graphic art” work as part of her work and a light bulb went on! Maybe she could do all the graphic art that was required on the CD cover. Lo and behold when I emailed her, she was happy to take on the project. My husband and I took on the text part of it and together we came up with the finished product. It still took longer than I expected, probably because I had no idea what to expect, but when it went to the replication company time was getting short. They had a few edits we need to do and now the CD’s are actually getting replicated, put together, wrapped up tight and put into boxes. The pick-up date is the very last day of this month, two days before our first event. So, can I trust God? YES! He is faithful, even in the small things. His timing may not always be my timing but its the right timing. It’s “IN HIS HANDS” so we just have to trust God, let go and let Him take charge of everything.

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