A Daughter of God

I am a child of God… and I have been gifted by God to teach and speak on His behalf. I write God songs and share my testimony of His working in my life and those around me. I study His Word with the disciplined studies of Bible Study Fellowship and I teach others what I learn. I have led worship for many years in my local church. I am a daughter of God who loves to serve Him and to grow closer to Him day by day.

The basis for all that I do, is found in my relationship with Jesus Christ. I enjoy my in depth study of God’s Word, the Bible. When I am fortified, I can give food to others to nourish their souls. Only God can minister to the soul and transform hearts. I desire to be His instrument for a mighty working in those He allows me to serve. When I read in Deuteronomy about Moses’ final instructions before his death, his exhortation to fear and obey God, to walk in all His ways, to serve Him with all your heart and all your soul; I feel a rising in my heart, to stand tall and reach up to God to pledge my allegiance and then to bow prostrate on the floor to surrender my life to Him. I don’t want to be “stiff-necked” as the Israelites were in the 40 years of wandering in the desert, stubbornly rebelling and disobeying God.

I have a personal experience every day of walking with God. I start my day with a devotional time and then I usually go for a walk and talk with Him. I spend most of the time worshipping Him. First, I pray to keep my focus on Him, then I read verses that apply to a particular character trait of God, His accessibility, that He is the Creator, Eternal, Immortal, Savior, Sovereign etc. I tell Him of my love for Him and feel His love in return. This sets the tone for my day and makes it much easier to having an ongoing communication with Him throughout the day. I finish my walk with requests for myself and for those I love and any other issues that come to mind. Later on, I have a time of delving into the scriptures, which reveals God’s ways and His guidance into my life.

I struggle with hormonal fluctuations which affect my mood, and at times I feel quite low. This is also a spiritual struggle. Before I serve at a special event, I usually feel an onslaught of thoughts like “You’re not good enough. You’ll mess up. You’re inadequate.” I’ve learned to fight these lies with the truth. “I am a child of God. I am a co-heir with Jesus Christ. Nothing is impossible with God. His power is made perfect through my weakness. He turns the ordinary into extraordinary. Nothing can ever separate me from His love.” As I speak the truth and quote scripture, a peace and strength fills me and I am able to serve with God’s enabling.

God is sovereign, He is in control of all things. I have come to appreciate this in His character. When I feel low with the “winter blues” and our children are having a rough day I can feel overwhelmed. I am grateful to call on the name of Jesus to intervene in each situation and to know that He stands by my side, strengthening me as I deal with the issues. He saves me from a “savior” complex, thinking that I can be the one to save my children or my friends. I can do my part but He does all the rest. I’m glad I don’t have to take full responsibility for others situations, that He takes the load off my shoulders and says, “Rest. Have my peace and comfort. I will take care of them.” On a daily basis, He is my Savior. I’m so glad He is in charge.

Recently, I wrote a song called “He Completes Me”. Without Jesus, I would be searching for fulfillment in my husband and children, which would be asking too much of them. This way, I am fulfilled and able to give and serve my family, instead of wanting them to meet my needs. Is your heart tank on full? Does it overflow into others lives? Do you turn your struggles over to Him? Do you fight the fiery darts with flaming arrows from God’s Word? When you give it all to Jesus, He gives you all you need to get through the day triumphantly.

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