Mothers Day

I read an article this week about how we celebrate Mothers Day in the church, glorifying mothers rather than honoring them. As a church family, we can support each other and encourage each other and uphold each other through the good times and the tough ones. We have baby dedications in our church where we dedicate ourselves to pray for these children. We have been very grateful for those who have upheld us as parents while we forage through the unknown, looking to God daily to provide and sustain us through the raging teens, young adulthood and now more teens. Mothering in a Christ-follower looks different (or should) than the world’s recipe. Yes, it means self-sacrifice, but it means putting Jesus first – not the child. And in the child’s best interests means approaching each situation with God at the helm, not you. Pointing to Christ as the solution. Mom is not the rescuer, the savior, Jesus is. I have learned over and over again how little control I have in my children’s lives. I can guide them, hold them accountable but I cannot change their hearts. But my Lord can and does and I know Him and I trust that His impact in my childrens hearts and lives will be greater, more abundant than anything I can ever do. So I pray, and I pray and I pray. He is my fount of wisdom, the light in my every day. When bad attitudes abound, His Word is sound. When all seems lost, I hang on to His promises and His faithfulness and rest in His embrace.

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